Drvengrad and Kamengrad


Mornings and goodbye’s are not the best of friends.

On Saturday we awake to say goodbye to everyone in Belgrade and we were on our way to Mostar. It was a solid 10 hour drive so we decided to have a few pitstops; Drvengrad (Woodentown) and Kamengrad (Stonetown).

They are autological names. Their names are exactly what they are; a town made entirely of wood and a town made entirely of stone.

A little bit of background for anyone interested. Drvengrad was built by Emir Kusturica for his movie, Life is a Miracle. He wished to create his own town after his hometown (Sarajevo) was destroyed in the war. Kusturica then pursued to build another little town called Kamengrad (or better known as Andrićgrad) in recognition to a Yugo author, Ivo Andrić.

If you find yourself travelling in between Belgrade and Sarajevo, I strongly recommend that you stop by these two towns. They are such unique villages and standing in the middle of them you feel like you’re in an alternative universe.

Arriving in Drvengrad, the first view that greets you is the breathtaking landscape of the Serbian mountains with only a few scattered houses amongst the overwhelming green landscape. The streets coming in and out of the village were ridden with marvellous, colourful cars which really added to the feeling of being in an alternative universe.

If you think the name is lying, it is genuinely a town created out of wood. Even the pathways are made out of recycled wood; wine barrels I believe, but please correct me if I’m wrong. The entrance greets you with a view of the few houses in the village, including restaurants, a library and a gallery, and in the centre is the Wooden Church of Saint Sava. 

After exploring the buildings a bit and sitting down for a coffee in the restaurant we walked around to the Mokra Gora train station and got a chance to peek into some old school trains with wooden seats and which appeared to be straight out of a 90’s animation. Alternative universe, I’m telling you.

Back into the car and onto our next destination: Kamengrad.

We parked nearby the Drina river which had these lovely little houses surrounding it.

Walking into Kamengrad you were blinded. The entrance and the pathways were white. Blaringly white. So white in fact that Jamie got second degree sunburns from our short stopover. That’s right, the sun reflecting from the white stone gave Jamie second degree burns. The town wasn’t on the same level of surreal as Drvengrad but it sure was close. Inside Kamengrad were a few monuments dedicated to Ivo Andrić, Petrović Njegoš and Nikola Tesla.

We stretched our legs, explored a bit and squashed back into the car for another four hours of spectacular scenery and green landscapes – you seriously can not get bored driving around Bosnia and Serbia, I swear – before arriving in my beautiful hometown, Mostar.

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